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Ham Radio World map with DXCC country list. Includes all current updates published by the ITU and ARRL DXCC.

Ham Radio Map with DXCC Country List

  • Poster size 33"x23" (84.1 x 59.4 cm) Professional print quality. Fast shipping.

  • Clubs and Group buys: note free shipping on large orders.

  • Maintained and printed in Kiev, Ukraine by UT0UM

4-ink Full Color Offset print, razor sharp at 300dpi
Please see map feedback on the QRZ forum.
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Amateur Ham Radio Map. Atnarctica preview image


DXCC Ham Prefix Map 2015. Z8 South Sudan preview

Feb Updates:

  • Updates for 2015 edition: D8A added to Antarctica, deleted T5 Somali, move 60, T5, T6, YA in the DXCC table, CE, LU - ITU zone 14,16, EX - ITU zone 30,31
  • Updated South Sudan Prefix to Z8 per ITU 
  • Deleted Maly Vysotsky Island (MVI) per ARRL notice.
  • OY corrected to Zone 14
  • Added missing CY9 St Paul I
  • DXCC table update - 340 Current Entities

Recent Updates:

  • Prefixes added: ST0, PJ, FJ, T30, 31, 32, 33, V6, CY0, 3B6,7,9
  • Afganistan prefix changed from YA to T6
  • Added Crimean peninsula prefix: UU
  • Removed ZD7 from Zone 38
  • Added PT8 perfix - area next to the Bolivian-Peru border
  • Corrected borders for Zones 25, 27, 31 and 1    
    Corrected zone for Aleutian Is. (formerly zone 19) JD1/M (formerly Zone 31)
  • Corrected/added prefixes for Antarctica
  • Removed 4К1 from South Shetland Is. 
  • Removed VK9 islands which are not counted as a separate entity
  • Moved FK/C Chesterfield Is from zone 32 to zone 30
  • Corrected locations of VK9M, VK9W
  • Added new prefixes for Chili, Azores, Maidera, Portugal
  • Corrected prefixes for Russia
    (added 2,5,7,8 regions, corrected RI1FJ, RI1MV Islands)
  • Added 5th region to the US
  • Added China provinces


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Ham Radio map by UT0UM. 2015 Edition
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